The Fleurie Protected Designation of Origin

The Fleurie Protected Designation of Origin

The Fleurie Cru is located at the heart of the geographic zone of the 10 Crus and face South-Southwest It covers 856 hectares and is the 3rd largest vineyard in terms of size and production.
The name "Fleurie" as a Protected Designation of Origin was recognised by decree on the 11th September 1936.

cru fleurie

The soil differs according to the altitude, thus producing different vines: from 300m to 450m above sea level, pink granite can be seen on the surface of very sandy and nutrient-poor soil, whereas at around 230m altitude, the gentle slope provides thicker and more clay-like soil. Le Fleurie is considered to be the most "feminine" cru due to its lightness and fineness; it smells of red fruit or flowers.

Beaujolais vineyards

The character of each of the 10 Crus varies according to the particular vineyard,
but they all produce rich and complex wines.

They can be divided into 2 categories:

carte des vins du beaujolais

Smooth and fragrant

Régnié (1988*)
Saint Amour (1946*)
Brouilly (1938*)
Chiroubles (1936*)
Fleurie (1936*)

Intense and generous

Moulin à Vent (1936*)
Morgon (1936*)
Chénas (1936*)
Juliénas (1938*)
Côte de Brouilly (1938*)


Expressions for wine-tasting:
nose, flavour and legs


The nose of the wine refers to its scent, i.e. the wine bouquet, the aromas and fragrances which are produced.


The flavour of the wine refers to the sensations experienced on the tongue, when the structure, character and earthiness of the wine are revealed.


Wine legs or "tears" refer to the droplets that form on the inside of a wine glass. Their appearance (thick, fine, fatty etc.) indicates the fat and alcohol content of the wine.

The “Lily Trail”

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