Wine production

Traditional wine production uses entire bunches of Gamay grapes,
and involves the partial use of carbon dioxide in the maceration (soaking) process.

vinifaction vin rouge beaujolais

1. The hand-picked bunches of grapes are put into vats whole to encourage the release of colours and tannins.

2. At the end of the maceration process, the juice is extracted, and the liquid obtained is called the "jus de tire".

3. The fermented grapes are then pressed, producing a very sweet and aromatic "jus de presse" (also known as "paradis").

4. In the vat, the "jus de presse" and the "jus de tire" are mixed together, completing the fermentation process. A second, "malolactic" fermentation transforms the malic acid into lactic acid.

Whilst the Beaujolais wine-making process, using whole bunches of grapes, remains traditional, it is no longer unique. The development of complete or partial destemming can be observed. In fact, there are as many ways of producing wine as there are wine producers!

The 3rd Thursday in November

Beaujolais Nouveau is a young wine from the Beaujolais and Beaujolais-Villages protected designations of origin. The history of Beaujolais-Nouveau began in 1951.
In 1967, the date for official "déblocage" (releasing) was fixed for the 15th November each year at midnight. To avoid the "déblocage" falling on a week-end, this date has changed to the 3rd Thursday in November.

The uncorking of Beaujolais Nouveau

Nowadays, the term "déblocage" refers to the date on which Beaujolais Nouveau can be consumed. At the beginning of Beaujolais Nouveau's history, this term corresponded to the departure of the convoys that set off to deliver this wine across France and worldwide. At midnight, at the departure of Beaujeu, the release of the lorries is accompanied by a klaxon, to the sound of applause by the inhabitants who come out onto the streets to mark the occasion.Since 1989, Beaujeu has extended this festive and convivial moment by organising a yearly "Fête du Beaujolais-Nouveau". Les Sarmentelles.

The “Lily Trail”

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